Thursday, December 29, 2016

Under the Awning Baby Blanket

I was looking around online and saw a bunch of cute blankets by FeltedButton and decided on the Under the Awning Blanket as my first project for our baby girl coming in April 2017. Since she is coming in the spring, I didn't want to make a heavy blanket and I liked that this one seemed very airy. I used Bernat yarn and it wasn't my favorite. I loved the colors, but the yarn split so many times that it was frustrating to work with. I like the finished product, but I am bothered by my edges and how they didn't come out straight, even though I didn't lose any stitches. Oh well. It's just for us anyway. :)

Also, I didn't follow the border that was with the pattern. Since I didn't use as many colors, I wanted to just do something solid and I hoped that a ruffle would help hide the crooked edges.

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