Friday, October 2, 2015

Amigurumi Frog

I made my first attempt at amigurumi. I thought that my kids might like little animals for Christmas (I'm trying to give them some handmade things this year), so I started out with a little frog. Honestly, I don't love how it turned out. I made the eyes too big and when I embroidered the mouth and nose, it made the face pucker. When my kids saw the finished product, though, they didn't care about those things. They fought over who got to hold it for a few minutes, and then I put it in my hiding spot where it will stay until Christmas. Hopefully they will forget about it by then.

The pattern was great...the problems with the frog were my own. I found the pattern here. I read through the comments for the pattern on Ravelry and some people suggested putting pipe cleaners in the legs to help them bend. I followed that suggestion and I really like what it did for the legs.

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