Thursday, May 14, 2015

My First Blanket

I decided that I wanted to be more productive with my free time, so I thought that I would try out crochet. I bought some hooks and yarn around two years ago with plans to learn, but about a week later, we started the process of buying a house and suddenly packing and moving took over and I forgot about crochet until a couple of months ago.

I saw come fun crochet projects on Pinterest and my motivation to learn came back. The simplest project I could think of to start with was a blanket (although maybe I should have started smaller with a dishcloth). My sister taught me how to do a single crochet stitch, and knowing only that, I started making a blanket. I was several hours into it when I realized that I had a big problem with the sides not being straight. I tried to make up for it, but was unsuccessful. At one point, my blanket looked like this:

After deciding that it was beyond repair, I gave up and started again and focused on not making my stitches too tight. I decided to do my second attempt using double crochet, which helped it go faster, too. 

My almost 4-year-old daughter was so excited about the blanket that I was making that she drew up a little schematic of what she thought it should look like. She would tell me over and over how much she loved the blanket, and since her birthday was coming up soon,  I decided to make it for her as a surprise gift.

It's not perfect, but she loves it!

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