Sunday, July 23, 2017

Onesie Dress and Liten Shrug

So...having a girl is so much fun. I have really enjoyed making clothes for her to wear. A long time ago I saw the idea of sewing a skirt onto a onesie to turn it into a dress, and I finally got around to trying it out. I'm very much a beginner at sewing and even this simple project took a few tries. First I sewed the skirt on inside out. Next, I did something wrong that led to my sewing machine eating my fabric and breaking my needle. Finally, I went over to my sister's house and she helped me with it and let me use her machine. The instructions that I followed were from love city.

I purposely picked out fabric that would match some Sirdar yarn that I purchased so that I could make a matching shrug. The pattern is called Liten and can be found on ravelry. It was super easy, but I did make it a little small. I followed the 6 month instructions and it is snug on my almost four month old. But I tend to knit that way and I really should check my gauge before making clothing. It was a fun easy project that helped pass the time while we road tripped for a wedding over the weekend. Here's my baby wearing the combo:

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